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Testimonials for Tony P. Website

I ordered the Prima Top-Zip Compact Handbag in May and absolutely love it!!! It may be small, but it is a perfect bag for a day out and about in the city. I get compliments on it all the time from my girlfriends and my sister ordered one just like it but in a different color. A great deal for a great bag.

- Sue Balboa, Atlanta, GA

When I was younger I used to run through a wallet every year from my line of work. My old wallet was starting to crack real bad and had some holes forming on the bottom where the stitching was. So, tired of losing my money in my back pocket, I bought a new one. I came across Tony Perotti’s website and thought I would look around; I have never heard of Tony Perotti until I found his website. Well, I found the Prima Bi-fold wallet with an ID window and thought it would be right up my alley. Not even 3 days later I got it in the mail. It’s been 2 ½ years and it still looks brand new.

- Carey Howard, Plainfield, NY

My mother bought me the Lorenzo Messenger Bag last year for my birthday and as a going away present for college. The reason I write this review is because of the great customer service I received when half-way through my 1st year I accidentally broke my shoulder strap. I rely on my laptop almost 24/7 at school and needed a way to tote it around. I looked up Tony Perotti through Google and found their number; I gave them a call and they took care of me easily and quickly. I probably wouldn’t mind if my strap broke again knowing I have the people at Tony Perotti USA to back me up.

- Reid W. Fischer, Columbia City, OR

I had been using the same old Kenneth Cole briefcase for years and it was time for a change. I just moved to Boston to start working with a friend of mine’s law firm and everyone there had fancy briefcases that put mine to shame. I never like to stand out, so I figured I would like to at least be on par with my coworkers. I asked my buddy where I could find something nice but reasonable; I didn’t want to go overboard. Lo and behold he pointed me to Tony Perotti’s website that had a sizeable collection of imported leather goods from wallets to duffel bags. After a day or two of mental debate, I settled on the Armanno Partner’s Briefcase; In part because the “partner’s briefcase” caught my eye and I thought it stood out from the rest. I absolutely love the briefcase and can actually say that I may be above par now compared to my coworkers. Also, I ended up buying a wallet. Tony Perotti’s products are excellent in terms of quality and style.

- Reginald “Reggie” Simpson, Lexington, MA

The guys over at Tony Perotti USA are a really big help (never spoke with any women). I just recently got married and wanted to get wallets with monogramming on them for my groomsmen. Not only did they put up with my really long phone order and bad cell phone connection, they nailed the order perfectly. All of the initials were correct and even for my 6 groomsmen’s wallets. There customer service was superb and they were all very cordial. I would recommend their services to anyone.

- Oliver McDermont, Seattle, WA